The Complete Cut

The Details

-This program is 4 days/week of intense workouts.
-This is lifting dominate. Ideal for anyone trying to gain lean muscle and cut at the same time.
-How you eat will determine whether you're more focused on building muscle, or losing fat. So make sure to check the nutrition section!

Tips For Success

Get Warm

We start almost every day off with some sort of designated cardio.  Once you have warmed up your body temperature, do a couple light sets of whatever exercise is first on the current days workout- before starting your working sets.

The phases

This program gets intense.  With this 4 day/week workout split, it means you need to go hard in the gym every time.  The workouts will change up every 4 weeks to push your body to keep changing. You don’t need to change it up any faster than that. Simply be aware of the weights you’ve been using and progressively get stronger every week! Get ready to grind!!! Push yourself to your limits and leave nothing behind.

Warning: The final phase gets intense! Use the first 8 weeks to get yourself ready.


Training your muscles to failure appears to be one of the primary triggers of muscle growth. Ladies, this doesn’t mean you will end up bulky! So, even if your primary goal is to lose weight and “tone” your muscles, the weight still needs to be heavy.


If exercises are listed like the following: 2a. 2b. they should be completed together. Go back and forth between the 2 exercises. Refer to the notes for the specific rest periods.

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